5 Reasons Why Side Hustle Has Much in Common with Having an Affair

Sometimes you need this one — just to unwind or tackle some strictly practical issues. You aren’t sure it’s worth the gamble, yet you start the game.

Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash

You’re limited to 24 hours for both of them — the constant one and, so to say, the optional. So, you are forced to switch between them all the time, and it requires the hack of time and effort.

The most challenging part is when both of them need you at the same time. Instead of having the best of both worlds, you feel distracted and exhausted, looking forward to the opportunity to have just an ordinary, dull, couch potato weekend.

Turns out, people are often inspired by something new. Doesn’t matter if this new something is better or worse than the well-known one. This is different, and that’s the key.

It feels like a biting an orange on a hot summer day. While your peers are snacking on chips (which have the very same taste as they’ve been having for the last twenty years), you’re enjoying the freshness of the new experience. OMG, it’s yummy!

When you have it, it seems devastating. When you don’t have it, it’s more devastating than you could imagine. Ever.

You don’t say a word about it even to the closest friends, you keep your feelings to yourself, yet one day you’re asked by John from the neighbour cubicle, “So, what IT’s like?”. The way John is looking at you tells you more than if John asked you directly (if only could you see his shameless wink!).

Dealing with it makes you stronger even in case the end isn’t that happy. The new experience makes a background for your expertise augmentation — anyway, you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.