The term ‘an alpha company’ is used as an analogue of ‘an alpha male’ - the dominant male in a group.

I work for a beta company.

The line about this company won’t benefit much my resume. I won’t see it in the 500 Forbes list. It’s not rewarded annually…

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They’re definitely out of my league. I mean employers.

My 20s

It felt like this 20 years ago when I was a graduate — naïve, openhearted, full of hopes. They are gods. I’m nothing.

My first job was in sales. The company was small; all the teammates were neither friendly nor too…

Sometimes you need this one — just to unwind or tackle some strictly practical issues. You aren’t sure it’s worth the gamble, yet you start the game.

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1. It’s resource-consuming

You’re limited to 24 hours for both of them — the constant one and, so to say, the optional. …

Elena Nabatchikova

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